When: Friday, July 31 at 12:00 PM

Please join the Direct Mail 2020 Strategy for Success webinar hosted by Lois Ritarossi, President, High Rock Strategies and Judith E. Antisdel, President, AT Direct.

They will show you how to revise your direct mail strategy to be relevant in 2020. Businesses across all verticals will need to communicate differently to win new customers during this unprecedented time. As companies have had to modify many processes to engage with customers, direct mail is a critical platform for lead generation and sales. Direct mail programs will produce results if the messages and offers are relevant and empathetic to consumer needs. Lois and Judith will share ideas to assist you in leveraging the power of effective direct mail strategies to support your goals for 2020.

To join us, please use the call-in information below:
Please note, you do NOT need a Zoom account to join the meeting.

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Friday, July 31 at 12:00 PM

Dial: +1-678-317-3330 or +1-669-216-1583
Meeting ID: 160 847 8546
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