July 5, 2017

USPS Address Management Updates

Effective August 1, 2017, USPS Address Management Products are Moving to a More Secure Encryption Method

The address data files used by the mailing industry are currently secured using the cryptographic function known as Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1) to protect the sensitive information contained within the file.

Since 2016, the United States Postal Service and its certified and licensed vendors have been transitioning to an even more secure version of this cryptographic hash function technology: SHA-256 (sometimes referred to as SHA-2).  Many of these vendors have already started using the new SHA-256 data files. Those still working toward using the SHA-256 version have until July 31, 2017 to complete the transition.  Effective August 1, 2017 the SHA-1 version of the data files will not be available.

The following software, products, or services used by the mailing industry are affected by this change:

  • CASS™ and MASS™ Certified software or services (includes DPV®, LACSLink®, and SuiteLink®) to validate, update, and standardize addresses
  • NCOA Link® files used for Move Update processing
  • DSF2® for sorting addresses in delivery order and to identify vacancies
  • RDI™ to identify Residential addresses

If you are unsure if the application or service you used has been updated, contact your service provider.


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